What in heaven's name...?

The novel virus SARS-CoV-2 is spreading ruthlessly across the world.
This challenge requires us all, the whole of humanity, to unite, to be overcome.
We alreay saw great solidariety between nations and people in this common fight - but it was not enough:
billions of people still cannot count on functioning statal health systems, and will suffer badly from the outbreak of the virus, especially - as usual - in poorly developed countries, unless
1) the virus is stopped, or
2) these people are helped.
There is not much time! Luckily, most critically involved areas are wealthy and prepared to fight the disease, but it only is a matter of time until that changes.

This website aims at raising funds to be devolved to critically surcharged health organizations.
If you are nominated to "Smash Corona", you can either
1) film yourself smashing Corona, or
2) donate 15€ (1% of daily intensive care price for one patient).
Make your choice!

Please help the anti-Corona-virus spread! Share your videos on social networks.